Posted: 11/04/2006 in Uncategorized
سأفتقد الشتاء ..

تعتريني حالة غير مفهومة من حالات الاكتئاب متعددة الحالات..
افتقد الشتاء بشدة .. افتقد حميمية الجو التي افتقدها في قلبي ..
لا ادرى ما سبب العداء الدائم بيني وبين فصل الصيف .. فصل الاختناق والضجر
ساشتاق للبرد والمطر والتمتع بلحظات دفء ثمينة في يوم بارد ..
سافتقد وقع انفاسي الدافئة التي دائما ما كان البرد يعطيها شكلا ولونا
ليذكرني باني مازلت على قيد الحياة . . ..

سافتقد اختبائي خلف أكوام من الملابس والهرب داخلها ..
سافتقد الحنين للشمس .. ومشاركة الكون لي في احزاني ..

الشتاء يتميز بحميمية في العلاقات والاجواء بينما تشعر بان الصيف فصل منفر بطبيعته
يدفعك أن تبتعد عن الاخرين بحثا عن مساحة للتنفس .. بينما تنبعث النيران من كل مكان ومن كل شيء حولنا

افتقد الشتاء قبل ان يرحل .. وكم اتمنى آلا يرحل ..
وسيحمل احزاني وانكسارات وبعض الزهور .. ويرحل
كنت اتمنى لو ارتحل معه .. ان يحملني على سحابة مطيرة ونجوب العالم ..
وتصبح كل ايامي شتاء ..
فهي الان بالرغم من الحريق كذلك ..
  1. Dove of Peace says:

    Well i dont know what to say .
    When i read what was writen i couldnt belive myself , i even warned her many times to take care coz sometimes this protests ends very badly and we all know here in Egypt what was happened before with Kefaya or during the elections ..
    But now i felt deeply sorry not to be there and say what i have inside .
    Till when people will think about hate and think about the bad things and think that the others are wrong and they are right .
    Till when people will stay judging about others what they dress , what they do or what they talk about and never allow others to judge them or even judge themselves before judging others.
    Till when people will humiliate others religons as long as they are not like their one .
    Till when we will think about : Relation , Meetings , Chat , internet and never think about tomorrow and our future and each one think of his own future and what he can do for his country .
    Till when people will stay like stones and not active themselves towards helping others or do something useful in order to make a better world .
    Protests is not enough but change begins from each one of you including myself ..
    We should see ourselves and serve the others , giving without waiting for rewarding , love and be passioned and if we do this . Love will spread so fast among us and we can beat easly the Evil that wish to separate people from each other .
    We should all think for a minute how to build a better world full of love and peace .
    A world without the word Muslim or Christian or Jewish . A World of humanity where people care of each other .
    Being a selfish never make a difference , but giving to others make a huge difference and if we do that people step by step will change to a better world .
    What happened is a great proud of the Egyptian Girl who really love her country and care a lot for it and wish to make a difference even if it is not big enough but we can say at leat she tried .
    People we should do the same and wake up from the deep sleep , from drogs and cokaine and tapes and video clips that they put it every day to take people away from the real world and make them return to the prehistoric period .
    Yes if we still like this the world will never change and Egypt will remain the same , even tought going to the worse .
    I wish all the youngs Boys and Girls and every single Egyptian think for while the day when Egypt won the African Cup league and how evrybody went to the street to express their joy and happyness we should do the same to express our deep sorrow for the sleeping goveremnt and The beloved King ( president ) i dont wish is the true ?? who will enter soon the Record of Genis to be the first one to stay on the Throne for more than 20 years and who know whats next .
    Thank you for being there and i really feel shame on myself not to be there with you to express my emotions but i will next time and i will write and say all i have inside me .
    Thank you and God Bless you .

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